“Lauro d’Oro” Award for Best First Film

“Ciabe” Award
“Gobbo d’Oro” Award Best Film
Audience Award

GOLDEN ARCO Award for Best Film “For the narrative strength and stylistic maturity with which it narrates the multi-ethnic Italy of today through the meeting between two foreigners, a Chinese immigrant and a fisherman of Yugoslavian origins. In this debut in narrative cinema, Segre maintains the sharp and open gaze that has distinguished his activity as a documentary filmmaker for years, taking us to a corner of Italy – the Venetian lagoon – where clichés and clichés lurk in every frame. He avoids them all, favoring the human and social truth of the characters.”

Best Actress Award (Zhao Tao)
Best Film Award

Nomination for Best New Director (Andrea Segre)
Nomination for Best Subject (Andrea Segre)
Nomination for Best Live Sound (Alessandro Zanon)

Bello e Invisibile
Nomination Best Cinematography Nomination (Luca Bigazzi)
Best First Film Nomination
Best Producer Nomination (Francesco Bonsembiante)

Nomination for Best New Director (Andrea Segre)
Nomination for Best Producer (Francesco Bonsembiante)
Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (Giuseppe Battiston)

Mario Verdone Award Because it enhances the themes of love and understanding between individuals from different and distant cultures and which proposes with delicate human sensitivity the portrait of two figures united in sharing the solitude of their existences

“Franco Cristaldi” Award Producer of the Best Film (Francesco Bonsembiante) ..to a profoundly human film that delicately narrates how two solitudes coming from two different cultures, meeting, each restore meaning to the life of the other “
Giuseppe Rotunno” Award Best Director of Photography (Luca Bigazzi)

Prix ​​“Azeddine Meddour” Première Oeuvre
Prix Meilleure Interpretation Masculine (Rade Serbedzija)

Best Screenplay Award (Andrea Segre and Marco Pettenello)
Best Editing Award (Sara Zavarise)

Special Mention from the Jury with the following motivation: Poetic film, an engaging portrait of characters and a hidden world.

Best Actress Award (Zhao Tao)
Best First Film Award

Fac Award, committee for the diffusion of art and culture films

Film Winner ex-aequo of the 2011 Love and Psyche Award for the precision and poetry with which it deals with a current subject, for the compassion towards its characters, without ever falling into obvious sentimentalism or exotic manipulation.

Eurimages Award for the best European co-production for having dealt with a current topic such as immigration and integration with sensitivity and without pretensions (which does not diminish the quality and complexity) and for having wisely used the expressive potential of the medium cinematic. In short, the film deals with such a complex topic as human relationships and work

16th annual Satyajit Ray Award Li and The Poet is a beautiful, multi-layered, deeply textured film about immigration, old age, cross-cultures, and the fragility of love: a very mature first feature, superbly shot in Venice, written and directed by Andrea Segre

Special Mention from the Jury for the poetry and grace used in the treatment of the theme of the integration (or lack of integration) of immigrants in Western society

Fedic Award for the originality of a story which skilfully intertwines fiction and documentary gives us an effective and convincing portrait of today’s reality
Lanterna Magica Award (CGS)
Lina Mangiacapre Award

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